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OPEN+ Workshop: Assertive Communication - Constructive feedback for insensitive behaviour

by Andrew Hefler, Dramatrix

November 18. 9:00-12:00 Prezi HQ

About the workshop:

Did anyone at work ever say something insensitive or insulting to another at work? Have you ever felt frustrated by perhaps the ongoing insensitivity of colleagues toward one another? Did you feel that the issue needed to be well communicated, but somehow was not or worse yet, went ignored?
People, at times, communicate or behave insensitively towards others due to race, sex, personal traits or circumstances. In the more diverse business environs in which you work, you are met so often with demanding communication circumstances. Some work well, others not as smoothly. Assertively communicating in the workplace regardless of the instance can be challenging at times. This can be drastically more volatile when it comes to sensitivity towards each others differences. This brief workshop, using applied improvisation exercises, focuses on the more personally sensitive issues surrounding diversity and giving feedback to those who have struggled with communicating conscientiously to others. Communicating assertively, that is not aggressive, not passive, with empathy and self-interest appropriately sharing feedback with those who need it.

November 18. 9:00-12:00

Venue: Prezi HQ

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About Andrew:

Andrew Hefler is the Chief trainer at Dramatrix. He is an actor and director/founder of Grund Szinhaz improvisational theatre company. He has trained thousands of people ranging from actors, directors, screenwriters, business people, politicians, teachers, musicians and all walks of life in the skills of improvisation

The OPEN+ workshop is designed to engage not only the conference's audience but also professionals, who may not attend Day 1 as they seek a more hands-on experience. OPEN+ workshop is available for OPEN Conference ticket holders as well: OPEN offers a 30% discount and pre-booking opportunity.

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