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Open Workshop: Solving workplace diversity with better design

by Himaneesh Bolia and Karan Chilana, Google

November 18. 11:30 Google Ground

The participants will have the opportunity to create, prototype and reimagine diversity solutions using Google’s ‘process to innovation’. Inspired by design thinking principles, the workshop is an experiential lab, focused on empathy and user experience. Here learning is only by doing.

November 18. 11:30-14:30

Venue: Google Ground See it on a map

OPEN workshops are included in your ticket and are subject to pre-registration.

About Himaneesh:

Himaneesh works with the Google Marketing Solutions team in the Dublin office. He is passionate about design thinking, to see individuals coming together as a group and solving for diverse and complex problems using a structure. He loves traveling and riding motorbikes. In his own words , “It’s the 'aha' and 'wow' moments during the innovation process that motivate and inspire him.

About Karan:

Karan is an innovation catalyst at Google, running innovation workshops for new Google hires and internal teams across the board. He helps UK’s top traditional media agencies to design advertising solutions for their priority clients. A big youtube buff, he loves spending his free time watching his favorite vlogger Casey Neistat.

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