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Tom Hidvegi: Don't be just open!

Creative Strategist | Creative Excellence Marketing Manager,

Coca-Cola Central Eastern Europe


About the talk:

Fostering an open culture is the first step. But what is next. Set your strategy right and do not just jump into open opportunities. Don't leave everything to HR. Being open is social good but social good is business good. Integration. Interdependence. Incredibility.

About Tom:

He has been nurturing the interrelationship between business strategy and brand strategy for almost 20 years across Central Europe. His passion is to coming up with answers to the unknown helping to create a new order from disorder. Knowing how to deal with magic and logic. Striving for excellence in creative thinking seeing connections faster than others. Cannes Creative Leadership Program Graduate, Berlin School of Creative Leadership MBA participant, Passionate blogger of The Huffington Post. He believes that today's challenge is not about how to promote but how to predict.

It makes a huge difference when you embrace the difference - said Tom about what diversity means to him.

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