• Program

    OPEN Conference 2016


    Talks and panel discussions on November 17


    The language of the conference is English, Hungarian interpretation is provided for Day1 upon request.

    * Magyar nyelvű tolmácsolást biztosítunk az előadások és panel beszélgetések alatt. *

    The program may be subject to change.

    OPEN to discuss the business case

    8:30-9:00 Warming up: coffee and tea to start the day


    9:00-9:10 Opening Remarks


    9:10-9:50 Business Keynote: Does diversity make money for your company?​

    by Oliver Munn, Partner, McKinsey & Company


    9:50-10:30 Diversity Keynote: From Universal to Personal: The business of inclusion and why it matters

    by Nidhi Singh, Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead, India, Middle East, Africa, CEE, France, Microsoft


    10:30-11:00 How can diversity drive our future success?

    by Rita Veres, Market Lead, SingularityU Budapest Chapter Ambassador, Aon Hewitt


    11:00-11:20 Coffee break



    OPEN to learn from best practices - Track1

    11:20-11:35 Fireside chat: at the workplace as an LGBTQ person


    11:35-12:05 The Power of Allies

    by Chris Moody, Lead Business Analyst, Commodity Risk, Regulatory and Finance – Integrated Supply Trading,

    Pride Network co-chair, United Kingdom, BP


    12:05-12:20 Fireside chat: at the workplace as a Roma person


    12:20-13:00 Are we there yet? - Roma inclusion at workplaces

    panel discussion with Viktoria Gerner, Project Coordinator for Integrom, The Boston Consulting Group, and

    Sándor Lakatos, CEO, Novapapír


    13:00-14:30 Lunch





    14:30-15:00 How Accenture builds its gender balanced team and a women-inclusive workplace

    by Alena Sochorová, Managing Director and Diversity Sponsor, Accenture CMT Consulting Lead in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania), Accenture


    15:00-15:30 Diversity tactics that work - Actionable ways to improve diversity in your organisation

    by Holly Fawcett, Curriculum Development Director, SocialTalent


    15:30-16:30 Designing a diverse team and becoming an inclusive leader

    panel discussion with Edina Heal, Country Director, Google,

    Jane Ellis, Citi Shared Service Centre Budapest Head, Enterprise Supply Chain EMEA Head, Citi Shared Services EMEA Head, Citi

    Judit Zolnay, CEO, General Manager, Metlife Hungary, and

    Peter Arvai, co-founder, CEO, Prezi, Gabriella Vidus, Chief Executive Officer, RTL Hungary


    16:30-16:50 Coffee break

    OPEN to learn from best practices - Track2

    11:20-11:35 Fireside chat with a man on paternity leave


    11:35-12:05 I am on a mission: Making GE become an emotional organization by connecting its people into one family

    by Éva Marton, GE Europe Travel Operations Manager, Leader of the Working Parents Program of GE


    12:05-12:20 Fireside chat: at the workplace as a person with disability


    12:20-13:00 Accessibility 2.0 - What comes after creating a physically accessible workplace?​

    panel discussion with György Jaksity, Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Concorde Securities, and

    Yves Veulliet, Global Disability & Inclusion Lead, IBM


    13:00-14:30 Lunch





    14:30-15:00 Don't be just open!

    by Tom Hídvégi, Creative Strategist, Creative Strategist | Creative Excellence Marketing Manager, CEE, The Coca-Cola Company


    15:00-15:30 See how it happens: on-stage improvisation with actors (in Hungarian)

    by Grund Theatre


    15:30-15:50 What media can show businesses: The importance of representation

    by Péter Kolosi, Deputy CEO & Director of Programming, RTL Hungary


    15:50-16:20 Diversity and Inclusion in Hollywood and in Hungary: A discussion about the importance of representation in media

    panel discussion with Bradley Bell, television writer and producer from Hollywood, eight-time Daytime Emmy Award winner and Péter Kolosi, Deputy CEO & Director of Programming, RTL Hungary


    16:20-16:40 Diversity Marketing: Hell, Yes, It Matters

    by Kat Gordon, Founder, The 3% Conference, , via a live, exclusive video call from San Francisco


    16:40-16:50 Coffee break

    OPEN to look into the future

    16:50-17:20 Closing Keynote: The case for inclusion

    by Laszlo Bock, Senior Advisor, Google (between 2006-2016 Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google), via a live, exclusive video call from San Francisco


    17:20-18:10 What is the next big thing in diversity?

    panel discussion with Colleen Bell, United States Ambassador to Hungary,

    Nidhi Singh, Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead, India, Middle East, Africa, CEE, France, Microsoft,

    Dr. Zoltan Buzady, Associate Professor of Management and Organization, CEU,


    From 18:10 Networking




  • Workshops on November 18

    OPEN+ Workshops

    The OPEN+ workshop is designed to engage not only the conference's audience but also professionals, who may not attend Day 1 as they seek a more hands-on experience. OPEN+ workshop is available for OPEN Conference ticket holders as well: OPEN offers a 30% discount and pre-booking opportunity.


    November 18

    9:00-12:00 Assertive Communication - Constructive feedback for insensitive behaviour 

    by Andrew Hefler Chief trainer, Dramatrix

    Venue: Prezi HQ

    See it on a map

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    OPEN Workshops

    OPEN workshops are included in your ticket and are subject to pre-registration.

    November 18.

    9:00-11:00 Making employers and managers disability confident

    by Yves Veulliet Global Disability Inclusion Program Manager, IBM

    Venue: Google Ground

    See it on a map


    November 18

    11:30-14:30 Solving workplace diversity with better design

    by Himaneesh Bolia and Karan Chilana, Google

    Venue: Google Ground

    See it on a map


    November 18

    13:00-14:30 Flow-Leadership​

    by Dr. Zoltan Buzady, Associate Professor of Management and Organization, CEU

    Venue: Prezi HQ

    See it on a map

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    About talks, panel discussions and workshops


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    9:50-10:30 | Diversity Keynote About the talk: Nidhi will be speaking about how Microsoft weaves in diversity as it builds its products and solutions. Designing for inclusivity not only opens up our products and experiences to more people with a wider range of abilities. It also reflects how...
    The overall theme of the upcoming Open Conference is to highlight the fact that diversity ​at the workplace ​increases financial performance​, boosts creativity ​and innovation​, and contributes to talent attraction and retention. Furthermore, employees generally feel better, happier and more...
    November 18. 9:00-11:00 Google Ground The most important asset of any company is its people. Business can only be as successful as the teams that drive them. At IBM we recognize people as central to business success. People with disabilities are just that - people who are having training,...
    November 18. 9:00-12:00 Prezi HQ About the workshop: Did anyone at work ever say something insensitive or insulting to another at work? Have you ever felt frustrated by perhaps the ongoing insensitivity of colleagues toward one another? Did you feel that the issue needed to be well communicated...
    November 18. 11:30 Google Ground The participants will have the opportunity to create, prototype and reimagine diversity solutions using Google’s ‘process to innovation’. Inspired by design thinking principles, the workshop is an experiential lab, focused on empathy and user experience. Here...
    14:30-15:00 | GET INSPIRED: MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS About the talk: Fostering an open culture is the first step. But what is next. Set your strategy right and do not just jump into open opportunities. Don't leave everything to HR. Being open is social good but social good is business good....
    16:00-16:30 | GET INSPIRED: MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS About the talk Is marketing effectiveness tied to the diversity of the people who make it, star in it, consume it and share it? The answer is yes on all counts. Hear why having a wide range of people reflected in the creation and...
    9:10-9:50 | Business Keynote About the talk: Does diversity make money for your company?​ About Oliver: Oliver Munn is a junior partner in McKinsey's London office focused on the aerospace and transport industries. He is also a leader of GLAM (Gays & Lesbian at McKinsey), a global network of...
    11:35-12:05 | OPEN to learn from best practices - Track 1 About the talk The session will take a data driven approach to establishing the business case for Allies in the workplace, Chris will also explain what an “Ally” is and share his experience and examples on how to empower allies in your...
    14:30-15:00 About the talk Having a clear understanding why is gender balance important specifically for your company is critical for making an impact. Leading the gender balance agenda from the top of the organization makes the goal achievable. About Alena Alena has almost 20 years of...
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